Melinda Collins, PhD

Melinda Collins, PhD

Location: Orange Park

With a Ph.D. in Adult Clinical Psychology from the University of Miami, I became a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania and in Florida.  For more than 25 years now, I have served diverse populations in varying settings including community mental health, chemical dependency, corrections, military mental health, and private practice, with experience providing treatment, training, and consultation in outpatient, intensive outpatient, and inpatient behavioral health services.  Through the years I have had the privilege of journeying with my clients through difficult issues and life events, partnering with them to utilize their strengths and gifts to improve their mental health and interpersonal relationships, and providing therapeutic support and guidance as they progress toward their personal goals.  My overarching treatment strategy integrates techniques from major theoretical orientations to provide individualized care that appreciates the unique cultural background, experience, and personality of each of my clients.  Together, my clients and I may explore the roots of their current experience, draw from emotion-focused strategies to connect to, use, and release the intensity of their emotional experience, engage in self-worth and self-confidence building exercises to promote self-care and self-advocacy, and utilize cognitive-behavioral techniques to unblock cognitive barriers and facilitate desired changes.

Currently, I am pleased to offer psychotherapy for adults seeking to improve their mental health and/or work toward identified personal goals and for adults dealing with difficult life circumstances and/or mental health diagnoses such Depressive Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Trauma-Related Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Attentional Disorders, Dissociative Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, Psychotic Disorders, and Personality Disorders.  I look forward to the opportunity to walk with you on this leg of your journey.

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