Gifted Student Assessment

Gifted Student Assessment Services at Comprehensive MedPsych Systems

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Here at Comprehensive MedPsych Systems, we simplify the process of assessing your child for Gifted abilities and eligibility.

Even though there is no across-the-board definition of what “Gifted” means, children who are classified as Gifted typically learn more quickly and efficiently than others. They utilize conceptual or abstract reasoning when they approach problems, show exceptional academic achievement, and adapt well to new tasks.

In order to explore compatibility for gifted education services, children will need to take an IQ test and score close to the 98th percentile for their age group. They must also score at high levels in reading and math.

At Comprehensive MedPsych Systems, we can provide the full evaluation on the same day but we offer flexibility to parents and children to complete the IQ assessment on one day and the academic assessment on another depending on their schedules and needs. Our evaluation is just one part of the school’s determination of eligibility.

We stay in contact with local educational districts to make sure we are current on their regulations for gifted student assessments. Schools offer varying services for students who are labeled gifted or advanced. It can be quite daunting to navigate this confusing process on your own. Let us help.

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