Psychiatry treatment

Psychiatric Medication Management

Individual Therapy

Your psychiatrist may prescribe medications to help with mood, attention or organization of thinking. Patients on medications must be evaluated by the physician at regular intervals and whenever there is a change in your status. Initially, it will take several visits to ensure the effects of the medication are stable and effective. Medication management visits require about an hour for the first visit and then 30 minutes after that. During your appointment, the psychiatrist will review the benefits and side effects of the medication and make adjustments as needed. Counseling and psychotherapy may also be recommended depending on your needs.

Team Approach

Here at Comprehensive MedPsych Systems, we bring a team approach philosophy that dictates the most effective treatment for emotional disorders with a blend of psychiatric medication management and psychotherapy. Most times, your psychiatrist will work in conjunction with your psychotherapist to keep an eye on the effectiveness of medication, side effects and overall progress. This ensures a high level of inter-communication, allowing your team to work together in the same building to relay information quickly and address any critical emotional and/or medication issues that require immediate attention and resolution.

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