About Our Payment and Insurance Policies

Payment Due

All payments are due at the time of service unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Credit Cards

We require a credit card on file to provide any evaluation or treatment services to cover any co-pay, deductible, outstanding balance or missed appointment fee (please see Financial Policies).
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and debit cards. We generally do not accept checks.

Health Insurance Coverage

We are in-network providers for MEDICARE, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United HealthCare, New Directions Behavioral Health, Aetna, Cigna, Gulfcoast, and Humana/Life Sync. You are responsible for all copayments and deductibles per your health insurance plan allowable amount.

We are not providers for Beacon, Magellan, Florida Healthy Kids, HealthEase, Mental Health Network, Amerigroup, Medicaid or any Medicaid HMO. For these or any other health insurance plans for which we are not considered in-network, full payment at the time of service will be required. We will be happy to provide you with a statement which you can submit to your insurance company. Refresh Mental Health, an Insurance Friendly Company.

Auto Insurance

We do not accept auto insurance or auto insurance PIP unless it is pre-authorized or under special circumstances (such as Michigan No-Fault). We can bill auto insurance, but as with any policy, you are responsible for your co-payments. We do not accept Letters of Protection (LOP).


We do accept standard Medicare, which usually covers 80% of the cost for services and typically if you have Medicare Supplemental insurance, there is not likely to be any co-payment for the remaining 20%. Rarely, a supplemental (like GEHA) may not fully cover the cost of the remainder and so you may have a co-payment. Please Note: Medicare Advantage and Medicare HMO plans are NOT traditional Medicare plans and their coverage and co-payment responsibilities will vary according to the different plans.

Worker’s Compensation

We provide psychiatric and psychological evaluation and treatment for Worker’s Compensation patients. We require proper prior authorization before an appointment can be scheduled.

Substance Treatment

Alcohol and drug treatment benefits may be more limited in some plans than other mental health benefits.

Mental Health Party

Mental health benefits are usually subject to higher deductibles, more limited treatment, greater restrictions, and higher co-payments than other health benefits. This is why psychologists have lobbied hard through the American Psychological Association and your local congressmen and congresswomen for “Mental Health Parity” to make it illegal for insurance companies to change benefits solely due to mental health issues. Studies show increasing such benefits to patients will usually reduce overall healthcare costs. We applaud our congressmen and women for passing the Mental Health Parity legislation (July, 2008) but note that this only applies to insurance from employers with over 50 insured employees. If you are an employee of a smaller company or have your own individual insurance plan, it is not subject to the Mental Health Parity regulations and protections.

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