Angela Priester, PhD

Angela Priester, PhD

Location: Jacksonville – Southpoint

Licensed Psychologist

Dr Angela Priester is a clinical psychologist with many years of experience with a variety of ages from infancy through geriatrics, in a variety of settings, including military installations, a federal job training program, counseling centers, schools, early intervention programs, hospitals and foster care programs. She received her PhD from the University of Georgia and did a joint internship with the Medical University of South Carolina and the Veterans Administration Hospital in Charleston, SC. She was trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy and in recent years received specialized training in working with victims of a variety of different traumas. In working with children, she believes in parent involvement as parents are with their children daily as therapists generally see the child once/week. She has many years of experience working with military service members and their families. In her personal life, both of her parents were Air Force veterans and she spent the first seven years of her life living on a military base. Her husband is a veteran of the US Marine Corps and the US Army. He was active duty for the first few years of their marriage so she can identify with the unique stresses of military life. She enjoys working with clients who are motivated to make changes in their lives and are willing to put in the work to do so. She believes patients are capable of making positive changes in their lives as she has seen this happen multiple times.

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