Lauren Snyder, LMHC

Lauren Snyder, LMHC

Location: Jacksonville, FL

  • Psychotherapist


  • Specialty: mood disorders, anxiety disorders, communication, and medical conditions made worse due to anxiety symptoms.

Lauren has been a psychotherapist for the past twenty- four years. She graduated from the Nova University program with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling. She also has a Bachelors in Nursing from Florida State University.

Over the past couple of decades, she has experienced great professional gratification working with clients who struggle with depression, anxiety-related issues, bipolar disorder, as well as A.D.H.D.

She specializes in helping adult individuals facilitate life”s transitions such as adjusting to parenthood, trauma, divorce, loss, adjusting to different health status, and career change.

Her approach is a largely cognitive-behavioral one. With this approach, she helps clients tune into their self-talk, which often consists of negative recordings. In addition, clients become aware of their physical response to the stressors in their lives. Through a program of stress management techniques and strategies, she empowers her clients, so that they can improve their relationships, experience personal growth, and achieve their counseling goals.