Ruth Klein, PhD., M.S.Ed.

Ruth Klein, PhD., M.S.Ed.

Location: Jacksonville, FL

  • Psychoeducational & Psychological Tests and Psychotherapist
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Licensed School Psychologist


Dr. Klein was born and raised in New York City. In 1977 she moved with her husband and three children to Jacksonville, Florida.

Dr. Klein received an undergraduate degree from Barnard College/Columbia University in New York City followed by a Master’s degree from the City College of New York. She began her career in New York City public schools.

She obtained her Doctorate degree at the University of Florida in Gainesville and is a Licensed School Psychologist and Mental Health Counselor. Upon moving to Jacksonville, Dr. Klein broadened her education and now specializes in psychology and counseling adults and children. She is a consultant to area schools and colleges as well as the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville.

Dr. Klein takes a wide range of treatment approaches combining counseling with recommendations such as nutrition and relaxation, exercise, and self-care. She includes bibliotherapy, video therapy, and music among her techniques.

Dr. Klein’s interests include reading, cooking swimming, and gardening. She likes to watch wildlife around the St. John’s River and enjoys her standard poodle, Sarah, who loves to sing when Dr. Klein plays the piano.