Elisa Kessler, LICSW, PIP

Elisa Kessler, LICSW, PIP

Locations: Fairhope, AL – Mobile, AL

  • Psychotherapist


  • Population: Ages 18 and older
  • Telehealth, Individual, Couples/Marital Therapy
  • Specialties: Trauma-Informed Therapies, Childhood and Adult Survivors of Abuse, Recovery from Toxic Relationships, Personality Disorders, Addictive Behaviors, Self-Sabotage and Codependency, Disordered Eating, Mood Disorders. OCD, Grief/Loss, and Life Stressors Impacting Mental Wellbeing.

Elisa Kessler utilizes different treatment modalities tailored for individual needs. She excels at Psychodynamic, CBT and Mindfulness-Based Therapy. By providing a wide variety of psychoeducational materials and techniques, she promotes a higher level of knowledge, insight, and coping skills. She helps patients reach their goals and navigate through the healing journey. Inclusive and affirming of all diverse communities.

Elisa has worked in the mental health and addictions field since 1983. She graduated from New York University in 1996 and was honored with the prestigious Helbein Scholar Award.

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