Julie Riley, LCSW

Julie Riley, LCSW

Location: Jacksonville Beach, FL

Are you self-aware and emotionally intelligent?  Are you finding yourself wondering why the same obstacles keep showing up in your personal and professional life?  Are you tired of feeling emotionally triggered and you don’t like the way you behave?  I understand and you are not alone.

My approach to therapy is person-centered and solution focused.  Our time will be interactive and engaging, together we will look to strengthen good patterns of behavior and identify behaviors that are holding you bad from the life you want to live.   I will create interventions that assist you in breaking-up old routines while creating a new energy for you to take on life’s challenges.

Are you someone who is done raising a family, building a career, and are now an empty-nester or even further along and into your retirement years?   For many, these stages in life are filled with unexpected challenges such as accepting the limitations of what your body can now do.  Maybe you, or your spouse have been given a new health diagnosis that will radically change what you thought your life would look like.

I have been a social worker and therapist for 20+ years which has allowed me the opportunity to work with people across all stages of life.   Whether you are deciding if college is the right choice for you, or you are in the throes of raising a family and juggling a career or navigating the “Golden Years” together we will create a treatment approach that is right for you!

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