David Grimm, MDiv, MS, LMFT

David Grimm, MDiv, MS, LMFT

Location: Orlando, FL – West

  • Psychotherapist


I agree with the philosophy that the crisis is a combination of danger and opportunity. Human beings are very delicate emotionally and can suffer tremendously. My clinical experiences over the past 30+ years have been broad from child service agencies to residential treatment to outpatient psychiatry. Currently, I work with individuals and families who struggle with anxiety, depression, and relationship problems. I welcome longer-term, deeper therapy work as well as problem-focused counseling with cognitive-behavioral interventions.

Psychotherapy is essentially the process of understanding and embracing the givens of our biology and personality and why we behave and feel the way we do. No more and no less. Responding assertively to problems in one’s health, career, and close relationships can create significant opportunities for positive changes and personal growth.

Being married for40 years, raising two kids, and contributing to the domestic tranquility with extended family and close friends has been my most challenging and rewarding experience. The quality of my relationships and the quality of my persistent inner dialogue along with my physical health determine the QUALITY of my life.

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