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Dr. Sonia Demetrios

Location: St. Augustine Beach, FL

  • Psychiatrist



Born in Cambridge, Mass. Specializes in Child & Adult Psychiatry with experience in forensic psychiatry. Practices medicine in the states of New Jersey, Florida, & Ohio. Fellowship of Child Psychiatry completed at Icahn School of Medicine – BLHC/ Mount Sinai.

Currently Dr. Demetrios practices Medicine as the Psychiatric Medical Director at An inpatient hospital facility in New Jersey where she oversees a 20 – bed Inpatient adult psychiatric unit along with behavioral psychiatric services -consult & liaison services for all the hospital floors along with Medical -Intensive care unit and Psychiatric Emergency Room & crisis intervention.

In addition, she is Medical Director of a private outpatient psychiatric services treating both child and adult at Essex psychiatric Center for Children & Adults, where patients are both seen in an outpatient setting along with telepsychiatry.

Areas of interest and specializes in child psychiatry, adolescent psychiatry, general adult psychiatry, mood disorders, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder.

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