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Psychiatrist in Jacksonville FL

Experienced Psychiatrists Who Specialize in Every Area of Mental Health Including Psychiatric Medication Management 

Comprehensive MedPsych Systems gives you access to top psychiatrists in the area dedicated to providing patients with comprehensive clinical services. Our psychiatrists can help all ages, from children and teens to adults and seniors. If you need a psychiatrist in Jacksonville, FL, rely on the proven provider known for delivering mental and behavioral health services within a private practice setting.

As a trusted behavioral healthcare group throughout the state and beyond, you can choose our psychiatrists in Jacksonville, FL with confidence. We offer both psychiatric evaluation and treatment services.

Comprehensive MedPsych Systems is located at 5251 Emerson Street in Jacksonville, FL. Call us today at 904-399-0324 or fax us at 904-399-0420. Our hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Experienced Psychiatrist in Jacksonville FL

Your psychiatrist in Jacksonville FL may prescribe medications to help with mood, attention, or organization of thinking, providing regular evaluation or whenever there is a change in your status. It may take a few visits to ensure stable and effective medication effects. Budget about 60 minutes for the first visit and then a half-hour after that.

As part of your appointment, the psychiatrist will review the benefits and side effects of your medication and make adjustments as needed. We may also recommend counseling and psychotherapy, depending on your needs. Fortunately, as your psychiatrist works within the same building as your psychotherapist, they can work together to make adjustments in important emotional and/or medication issues that require immediate attention.

Comprehensive MedPsych Systems boasts some of the very best psychiatrists in Jacksonville FL on our staff, offering confidential counseling services for families, individuals, groups and couples.

We offer the following services:

  • Psychiatry Services
  • Anxiety Treatment
  • Counseling Services for All Ages
  • Medication Management
  • Psychotherapy Services
  • Neuropsychology Evaluations for Cognitive and Memory Impairment
  • Bipolar Treatment
  • Forensic Psychology and Neuropsychology
  • Psychoeducational Testing

Our team approach is a proven one, blending psychotherapy and psychiatric medication management. Remember, your psychiatrist in Jacksonville FL works side by side with your psychotherapist if need be, in order to keep an eye on the effectiveness of your current medication. They will also take into consideration any side effects and progress you are making.

Experienced Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists in Jacksonville FL

Backed by efficiency in communication, high-quality outcomes, and smooth integration of diagnostics and treatment, our experienced psychiatrists in Jacksonville FL are here to help you address your mental and behavioral health needs with a caring and compassionate approach. Our offices are comfortable, warm and friendly, with staff who can provide treatment of many mental health issues and disorders.

You’re in good hands with our psychiatrists in Jacksonville FL. Schedule your appointment for psychiatric evaluation and treatment in Jacksonville FL today.