Pilot/FAA Evaluations

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Piloting an aircraft is a huge responsibility. Having confidence in qualified pilots flying the nation’s aircrafts is imperative. As such, pilots are often referred to us for psychological or neuropsychological evaluation to meet requirements for their Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) medical certification. Here at Comprehensive MedPsych Systems, we offer Pilot/FAA evaluations as part of our many services.

  • This complex evaluation considers many factors, such as:
  • Cognitive processing capacity (ADHD, memory, dementia)
  • Psychiatric and emotional factors (anxiety, depression, bipolar)
  • Behavioral factors (substance use, legal history)

The main goal of the evaluation process is to screen for and detect possible neuro-cognitive or psychological difficulties that could interfere with flight or ATC performance or training. We are in full compliance with all the tests and criteria required by the FAA. In addition, we are licensed to provide the CogScreen® Aeromedical assessment.

What the Assessment Involves

We will first start off with a comprehensive interview that asks questions related to:

  • Family history
  • Developmental history
  • Medical history
  • Academic and educational history
  • Social and marital history
  • Legal and Vocational history
  • Psychiatric and substance use history

The interview portion takes about an hour, followed by between four and six hours of face-to-face testing. Some portions take place on the computer, while others require paper and pencil. Some parts involve simple questions and answers.

Expect results within about two weeks, although this can vary depending on the complexity of individual circumstances, the amount of records needing review and the amount of related information to be obtained.

Applicants may be required by the FAA to provide a urinalysis on the day of testing as well. We can provide in-house urinalysis for your convenience. Or, we can help you locate nearby medical laboratories that may be able to help.

Dr. Kathy Baum, Ph.D., AB is trained in and qualified to conduct Pilot/FAA evaluations for Comprehensive MedPsych Systems.

As the focus and purpose of this personnel-type of evaluation relate solely to your capability to perform your flight responsibilities rather than the type of evaluation requested by a physician for clinical diagnostic purposes, it is fraudulent for us to send a bill to your insurance company, even if we are in-network providers.

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