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Longtime Area Psychologists Announce Retirements

January 11, 2016

Fort Myers, FL – Long time Fort Myers Psychologists, Drs. Robert and Deborah Coe Silver recently announced their retirement from clinical practice. The Silvers founded Silver Psychology Center in 1978, growing the practice over the years to half a dozen behavioral and mental health professionals.

Silver Psychology has been recognized as a leader for its work with children and families and for their expertise in the areas of psychological evaluations and the diagnosis of learning and academic performance problems.

In 2015, Silver Psychology Center merged with Comprehensive MedPsych Systems, Inc., the largest private provider of comprehensive, multidisciplinary mental and behavioral health services in Florida, providing patients with state-of-the-art psychiatric care for a broad range of mental health issues.

Comprehensive MedPsych Systems – Fort Myers is a group of six professionals including psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, psychologists and psychotherapists, specializing in psychodiagnostic testing, child psychology, adult psychology, family psychology, and neuropsychology. The services are offered in a private practice model rather than the traditional community health center model.

“Since the acquisition of the Silver Psychology Center by Comprehensive MedPsych Systems, Inc. last June, the psychological and psychiatric services have increased dramatically offering new and innovative programs which have never been provided in a multidisciplinary format to the local community,” said Drs. Robert and Deborah Silver.

Comprehensive MedPsych Systems has superbly trained psychologists, Dr. Keegan Culver, and Dr. Jason Sabo along with psychotherapist, Amy Matthews, who will be providing continuity of care for virtually all of the clinical and forensic evaluations as well as psychotherapy referrals,” they added. “This is one of the most professional teams assembled by Comprehensive MedPsych Systems, which will guarantee and enhance the quality and level of service that has been in effect over the past decades.“

Two psychiatrists, Dr. Marianne Krouk and Dr. Denise Dutchak, who recently joined the practice, will provide psychiatric medication management and counseling. Both physicians also are trained to provide Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), an FDA non­ medication, noninvasive magnetic-based treatment for depression.

Drs. Robert and Deborah Coe Silver will continue to work on community projects and actively market and promote the continued services of Comprehensive MedPsych Systems staff.

Comprehensive MedPsych Systems – Fort Myers is located at 13099 S. Cleveland Ave. Suite 300 Fort Myers, FL 33907. Phone: (239) 936-1336.

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