Educational FAQ’s

Educational Services FAQ’S

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Who will provide my Educational Services?

You deserve a professional who will deliver premium service and that is what we do. Your providers are highly qualified and bring a wealth of experience to help you and or your student be more successful. All service providers have passed a background check and typically carry licenses and or certifications that also required a background check. Our practitioners come from a variety of backgrounds and we use your needs to make a great match for you. Additionally, you may request to work with the Director of Educational Services on a time and space-available basis. Services can be provided in-person and online making it convenient and accessible no matter where you are located.

Is this covered by insurance?

Educational services are generally self-pay as they typically are not covered by insurance. The investment in coaching, tutoring, educational consulting, test preparation, and other services are an investment in yourself and or your student. Many families believe this is one of the best investments they make. Tutoring and test preparation is billed at $75/hour and life coaching and educational consulting is billed at $130/hour.

What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality is important and we seek to protect the interests of our clients. While medical and related information is protected under HIPAA law, this is not the same for Educational services. However, our company policy is to provide the same level of confidentiality and protection as any of our medical patients and the information unless otherwise required under State or Federal law or court order.

What is Academic Success Coaching?

How many hours per week does my child need? Parents often ask this question and it is a good one to consider. If your student just needs a little help in one subject (e.g. Math) and is doing well in their classes, then two hours per week may be sufficient. This is not the case for most students, however. Students who have one or more learning challenges typically have knowledge gaps that need to be addressed, strategies they need to learn, and issues that cross subject areas (e.g. reading comprehension). These students do better with 4-6 hours per week of support and coaching. We have seen some great results when families provided 10-20 hours per week of support and coaching for their student(s).

You have the option of creating a concierge-style tutoring package for your student including on-site visits wherever the student is located, intensive packages for catching up or addressing areas of concern, having additional hours of service during demanding school weeks, accompanying the family during travel, and more.

What is Educational Consulting?

What is educational consulting and what topics can be addressed? Educational consulting helps families think through and make decisions about things such as attending private or public school, online or brick-and-mortar school, what majors to consider, which courses and professors to take, what accommodations are available for your student and how to access them when to involve an education attorney when to have a neuropsychological/educational assessment conducted, how to prepare the best possible college/graduate school application packet, steps to take to significantly increase test scores (SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, PERT, TABE, etc.), and more.

You have the option of creating a concierge-style customized package of services including the educational consultant coming to your location, spending time with you and your student(s), working with your family multiple times per year for many years, interfacing with the school(s) of your choice, designing an individualized curriculum for your student, coordinating the services of other professionals (tutors, skill teachers, mental health professionals, etc.), and more.

What is Personal Coaching?

Coaching is about changing outcomes and improving performance. Your coach will partner with you to help you clarify your goals, understand your current reality, explore your options, and choose a path to pursue. You are in control of the process!

Psychiatrists provide medication management and counseling to a limited extent. Psychologists provide comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological evaluations and clinical guidance. Psychologists and therapists are also helpful in providing psychotherapy to get to the root of the issues, working through mental blocks, and changing how you look at the world.

Coaches help you apply your skills in the real world and find greater success on a day-to-day basis every week, month, and all year. Think of a football coach. The coach does not diagnose why an athlete’s knee hurts, help them study for a math test, or help them understand why they keep having strained personal relationships. All of these are important but the coach knows what it takes to compete successfully on the field and win the game. The coach focuses on teaching those skills, instilling that mindset, and creating an environment where the athletes are more likely to be successful.

That is what it is like to work with a personal coach. The coach wants to see you be more successful in life – at work, in your relationships, in your personal development, and more. You can prepare for an interview, role play an upcoming difficult conversation, organize your schedule for the week, review the work you did between sessions, work through making a decision, consider options for the future, and make progress towards your goals. Meet with your coach 1-4 times per month and see how much farther you can go.

You have the option of creating a concierge-style customized relationship with your coach. This can include onsite visits, video sessions within 24 hours of a request being received, consultation services, accompanying you on important occasions, and more.

Awesome Learning Opportunities?

What is an Awesome Learning Opportunity and how can my student participate? Awesome Learning Opportunities (ALOs) are incredible experiences that enrich the student, help them learn in non-traditional ways, give them great personal stories to share, and assist them to learn how to act in new environments. ALOs can last one day, one week, one month, or longer. ALOs are based on your student’s needs, interests, learning style, and schedule. Students may participate on their own or one or more family members/caregivers/friends may attend as well. ALOs are led by a DNA Coaching team member and include appropriate chaperones, accommodations, transportation, food, and more. Below are a few of the many experiences which can be included in an ALO.

Visits to one or more of the Walt Disney World parks including back stage tours, exploring “Underground Disney”, special animal encounters, eat with a Disney Imagineer, pictures with Disney characters, and more.

Animal encounters including one or more great locations such as Sea World, Busch Gardens, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Mote Marine Labs, Big Cat Habitat, and the Florida Aquarium. Hold exotic animals, feed sharks, learn how to raise a lion, and much more.

Great Cities tours. Experience the sights in some of America’s greatest big cities – New York, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Orlando, Dallas, and Los Angeles, just to name a few. Trips are customized based on the needs and interests of the student and may include museums, theater shows, sporting events, tours, historical sites, and more.
How the World Works tours. Experience children’s museums, university exhibits, escape rooms, the up-side-down world of WonderWorks (Orlando), science presentations, and more, and spend a day with an engineer.

Aviation and Space. Visit NASA and imagine yourself as an astronaut, visit amazing exhibits of vintage and current airplanes, ride in a small private plane and feel the wind in your face, visit attractions such space/flying themes, and more. You can even take a flying lesson and you can fly the plane!

On and Under the Sea. Go snorkeling, enjoy fishing in the ocean, ride a hydrofoil to Key West, Florida, get SCUBA certified, visit amazing aquariums, learn from the scientists at the renowned Mote Marine Labs, visit the world-famous Siesta Key Beach, swim with dolphins, and more.

Great American Universities. Select 2-10 (or more) universities to visit. Each stop can include a tour of the university, a visit to the department responsible for learning accommodations, going through university museums, seeing the facilities related to the student’s areas of interest, an opportunity to interact with students, entrance to sporting events, souvenirs, and more.

English Language Immersion. This is usually 1-12 weeks in length and is focused on improving everyday communication skills and understanding English in a wide range of contexts. Students will have dozens of opportunities to practice their English-language skills in diverse settings such as restaurants, sporting events, religious services, watching movies, going to the beach, shopping, volunteering, spending time with friends, and more.

These events are great for international students coming to study in the US, students with learning challenges who could learn better by going, seeing, and doing than reading a book, students with behavioral health challenges who would benefit from exposure to new things with a trusted companion, and any family that wants to give their student opportunities for growth and learning that are unique and unavailable to most people.

We can meet you and or your student at the airport at the starting location in the United States or have a team member come to your location and accompany your student to and from their home airport to begin their Awesome Learning Opportunity.

What is The DNA Academy and how can it benefit my student?

The DNA Academy is a registered K-12 private school in the State of Florida. It is designed to work with students with unique situations or special learning challenges. It offers a flexible way to customize education based on the needs of the student. The DNA Academy uses a virtual environment, often paired with in-person educators, to assist students regardless of where they live. Families can choose between part-time and full-time learning options. It offers students the opportunity to earn credits, makeup courses, and complete graduation requirements. It is a great option for elite athletes with demanding training schedules, hospital/homebound students, families which travel extensively, students needing longer than a typical school year to complete courses, gifted students seeking to get ahead and explore new areas, those with learning challenges that are not adequately addressed in their physical school setting, and international families which desire their student to graduate from a high school in the United States.

Full-Day Enriched Home Education?

You have a dedicated Academic Success Coach who meets with your student(s) daily during the school year (flexible depending on your schedule). Meetings can be in-person or online and the hours of service are flexible, depending on the needs of the student and family.

The core academic subjects can often be completed in four hours per day. The remainder of the day allows for focused work in key skill areas (English/Language Arts and Math) and specialty courses such as Conversational Spanish (or other language), Personal Fitness, Self-Defense, Music, Animal Care, or other areas of interest.

A Summer session is also available and can be used in a variety of ways – learn through travel (with high school credits available), serve as a volunteer, acquire new skills, earn additional credits, participate in Awesome Learning Opportunities, and more.

In some situations, your Academic Success Coach may be able to live in your location and or accompany you while traveling.

College Partner Program?

Don’t go to college alone! Meet online with your college success coach as many hours per week as needed. Your coach can read your textbooks, create notes, prepare you for tests, review written assignments prior to them being submitted, and more. In some cases, your college success coach may even be able to physically go to college with you.

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